Instructions for the PIA Membership Application Please fill this form out on your computer so the information is easy to read.

  1. Open the membership application from the link below. Click in the “Business Name” field to begin. Press the Tab key or click your mouse in the next field to continue filling out the form.
  2. When you are finished filling out the form, go to File in your web browser and select Save As. Select the folder of your choice and click Save.
  3. Before sending the form, you need to get signatures from your two sponsors. You have 2 ways to do this: Print this form and mail a copy to each sponsor. Have them sign it and send it back to you. Or email the form to the sponsors and they can sign and send back to you.
  4. When you have the sponsors’ signatures, follow the instructions at the bottom of the application to send the application and payment to the PIA headquarters.


Click here for the Membership Application Form.


See the Membership Code of Ethics below.

SOP-314 Code of Ethics 2016

              The Parachute Industry Association is an international membership organization. Based in the United States, it is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of the development, growth, training and safety of parachuting industry activities and to engaging and serving participants in the parachute industry. It seeks to promote the highest principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and professional conduct amongst its members and to encourage the same in its members’ relationships with their customers and with the public at large.

               In furtherance of these goals, the Parachute Industry Association has developed the following Code of Ethics. By accepting membership in the Parachute Industry Association, in addition to compliance with the bylaws of the Association and other rules and regulations which may be from time to time adopted, each PIA member pledges to respect and abide by the letter and the intent of the provisions of this Code of Ethics, and agrees as follows:

1. Each member shall use their best efforts to portray the parachute industry in a positive way. No member shall conduct themselves in a manner which would portray the parachuting industry in a negative way.

2. Each member shall respect the intellectual property rights of another, and no member shall infringe upon the intellectual property rights of another, including but not limited to rights in trademarks, patents and copyrights.

3. No member shall falsify any record, including but not limited to parachute maintenance records, aircraft logbooks and maintenance records, certification records, component testing and laboratory reports, TSO data, riggers logbooks, packing data cards, or any other document, with intent to mislead or deceive any person or entity.

4. No member shall intentionally state, publish or otherwise promulgate, with intent to mislead or deceive any person or entity, any inaccurate product or service claim in any advertisement, promotional material, equipment, performance or compliance specification, or any other form of public communication.

5. No member shall injure maliciously the professional reputation or practice of another.

6. No member shall make groundless statements regarding another member’s products or business or regarding the safety of another member’s products, including but not limited to statements made to promote the member’s own product or interest.

7. No member shall provide a service or an opinion on matters which are outside the scope of that member’s education, experience, or expertise.

8. No member shall serve as an expert witness before any tribunal for the purpose of marketing or promoting the individual or their business entity or any of their products.

9. No member shall represent themselves as acting, nor shall any member act, on behalf of PIA, without the express written authorization of the Executive Committee.

10. Each member shall strive to maintain the highest possible standards of safety and professionalism.

11. Each member shall act fairly and justly towards vendors and contractors, and shall not accept from vendors or contractors any commissions or allowances which represent a conflict of interest.

12. Each member shall refrain from any form of unlawful or illegal discrimination or harassment based solely on race, gender, age, or disability.

13. Each member shall continue to acquire professional skills and knowledge, thereby improving their personal competence and knowledge of the industry.

14. Each member shall endeavor to further public knowledge and appreciation of the parachute industry and its achievements.

15. A member of the Parachute Industry Association who is convicted or otherwise sanctioned by a court, tribunal or other judicial body having jurisdiction over the conduct which is in conflict with this Code, may be subject to additional sanctions in accordance with the by-laws of the Parachute Industry Association and Roberts' Rules of Order. The Parachute Industry Association is not a court, tribunal or other judicial body, and shall therefore defer to decisions made by such judicial bodies.

16. The PIA Executive Committee may, from time to time, propose policies and procedures, for adoption by the membership in plenary session, for the investigation and disposition of alleged violations of the Code of Ethics, and for sanctions for violations, in accordance with the by-laws of the Parachute Industry Association and Roberts' Rules of Order.

17. Each member shall understand and fully comply with all existing applicable international and domestic laws, government and other regulations and all duly adopted PIA laws, rules, regulations, standard operating procedures, and the PIA Code of Ethics, as may be, from time to time, promulgated and in effect.

Effective 2/19/2016