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Speaker Schedule

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Speaker Schedule | March 2, 2023

Ballroom 4: Skydiving & Fireside Chats

Speaker NameSeminar TitleTimeDuration
Mike MullinsWest Tennessee Skydiving 41,000'8:00105 min
Tomasz KozlowskiSkydiving as a Tool for Charity Projects10:0045 min
Melanie Curtis, Melissa Nelson, Allison Reay, Hanna Albrecht, Andi Paulsen, Maxine Tate and Keri Bell Hosted by James La BarrieFireside Chat with Highlight Pro Parachute Team11:00105 min
T.K. Donle, Dr. Aaron Rubin, & Dr. Ben MasseyPIA-High Altitude Skydiving Operations (HASO). Best Practices Guidelines. Briefing & Discussion1:00105 min
Johan StrombergHow Indoor Wingsuit Contributes to the Industry3:00105 min

Ballroom 3: Skydiving

Speaker NameSeminar TitleTimeDuration
Matthew YountHow to Prepare & Prep for an International Boogie to be Safe8:0045 min
Steve "Pickles" SimpsonSponsorship. How to Get Sponsors and Conduct Ourselves to Once we Have Them9:0045 min
Angie AragonWhere did all the Tandem Instructors Go?10:0045 min
Tracey HolmanThe Future of Virtual Competition11:0045 min
Beau RiebeObservations from the Road: Downsizing12:0045 min
Greg WindmillerCanopy Collision Avoidance1:00105 min
Melissa NelsonThe Art of Big Ways3:00105 min

Ballroom 2: Technical

Speaker NameSeminar TitleTimeDuration
Noah WattsCultural Alignment Within Doctrine8:0045 min
Dennis BullardTactics, Techniques and Principals of Behavior Based Training in Safety and Quality9:0045 min
Jen SharpSupporting Education through Technology: USPA Initiatives10:0045 min
Jo OosterveerHow to Become an EU Rigger, Equivalents to the FAA System, Requirements to Renew and maintain Valid License11:0045 min
Ryan JenkinsVideography12:0045 min
Dr. Ryan JacksonSport Skydiving at High Altitudes Needing Oxygen. Safe?1:0045 min
Jens GronemeyerAltimeter Settings in Tactical Jumping / Maintenance2:0045 min
Jonathan KingMalfunction Review Board Lessons Learned3:0045 min

Ballroom 5: Management & Government

Speaker NameSeminar TitleTimeDuration
James La BarrieHow to Manage the Media Following a Fatality8:0045 min
Amber WrightEfficient, Safe and Profitable! How to manage your AFF school9:0045 min
George HargisSocial Media Best Practices10:0045 min
Brian VacherModern Flight Planning – Developing the Plan for Instructors and Students Mars Landing11:0045 min
Robert Sinclair & NASA Astronaut Captain Victor GloverThe Last Five Miles12:00105 min

Ballroom 1: Rigging Room #1

Speaker NameSeminar TitleTimeDuration
Kamuran (Sonic) BayrasliPacking Infinity Container with MRAD RSL8:00105 min
Brett NewmanKeeping it Simple10:0045 min
Charlie MarkinPacking a "Softie" Back Emergency Parachute System11:0045 min
Pablito PerazzoliMM2 Repack with OR reserve12:00105 min
Jesse O'NeilHow to Pack a Main Parachute2:0045 min
Brett NewmanA Master Class in Packing the Vector V3003:0045 min

Ballroom 2: Rigging Room #2

Speaker NameSeminar TitleTimeDuration
Rory CorriganBasic Sewing Machine Fixes8:0045 min
Brett NewmanKeeping it Simple9:0045 min
Tim McCordPacking the Butler High Altitude Emergency Parachute System10:00105 min
Louie PalomaresVector 3 Reserve Packing12:0045 min
Marc NadeauThe Art of Untangling a Parachute1:0045 min
Bruce StephensonSewing Machine Maintenance2:00105 min