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Speaker Schedule

February 28, 2023

Speaker Schedule | February 28, 2023

Ballroom 4: Skydiving & Fireside Chats

Speaker NameSeminar NameTimeDuration
Melissa NelsonTop 3 Things I have Learned as a National Director8:0045 min
Jens GronemeyerThe Advantage of Using Digital Altimeters in Student Training / The Limitation of Sports Products in Tactical Jumping / Inhopps9:0045 min
Angie AragonWhere did all the Tandem Instructors Go?10:0045 min
Matthew YountHow to Prepare & Prep for an International Boogie to be Safe11:0045 min
Jason Moledzki and Melanie CurtisFireside Chat: Trust the Journey12:0045 min
Albert Berchtold, Tony Butler, Michelle Matte Stotyn, & Charl Rootman Hosted by James La BarrieFireside Chat: Worldwide Views1:00105 min
John LeBlancEvolution of Canopy Planforms3:00105 min

Ballroom 3: Skydiving

Speaker NameSeminar NameTimeDuration
Ron Bell2022 Fatality Summary8:0045 min
Dan Brodsky-ChenfeldHow to Stay Alive9:00105 min
John Hart & Yuliya Pangburn & Brian PangburnThe Essence of Canopy Relative Work and why Skydivers Should be Doing CRW11:0045 min
Johan StrombergHow Indoor Wingsuit Contributes to the Industry12:0045 min
Marylou LaughlinBehind The Scenes of Judging1:0045 min
John HartGetting your Pro-rating is just a start of a journey to become a Professional Demonstration jumper2:0045 min
Beau RiebeObservations From the Road: Downsizing3:0045 min

Ballroom 2: Technical

Speaker NameSeminar NameTimeDuration
Noah WattsCultural Alignment Within Doctrine8:0045 min
Jen SharpSupporting Education through Technology: USPA Initiatives9:0045 min
Catherine MollmannClassification and disposition of raw material and manufacturing defects10:0045 min
Ricardo PettenaSkydive Safer Seminar11:0045 min
Allison Reay & “Kappie” Ignatious KappMaterial Magic12:0045 min
Dennis BullardTactics, Techniques and Principals of Behavior Based Training in Safety and Quality1:0045 min
Ian BoboEvolution of Technologies in Canopy Control Training2:0045 min
Jay StokesSpecial Needs Tandem Jumping3:0045 min
James DalebozikHigh Altitude Parachuting and the race to 35,000 ft; Is NATO ready4:0045 min

Ballroom 5: Management & Government

Speaker NameSeminar NameTimeDuration
Jesse "Tex" LeosThe Rise in Angle Flying Popularity - What Your DZ Needs to Know8:0045 min
Ed ScottA Case for Improved Jump Pilot Training9:0045 min
James La BarrieMake Marketing Great Again10:0045 min
Cheryl DelucaGovernment Contracting 10111:0045 min
Ronnie HughanVirtual Reality as a Training Tool12:0045 min
Robert FeldmanLegal Issues and Risk Management in the Parachuting Industry - Protecting You and Your Business Interests1:00105 min
William MeyerRisk Mitigation for the Industry3:0045 min
Alexander GorlickUnderstanding the False Claims Act (FCA)4:0045 min

Ballroom 1: Rigging Room #1

Speaker NameSeminar NameTimeDuration
Rory CorriganInfinity Reserve Packing Best Practices8:0045 min
Kirk Smith & Abbie MashaalMain Parachute Packer Certification (Proposed)9:00105 min
Andi PaulsenAbsolute Musts for CRW Riggers11:0045 min
Kevin GibsonCommon Rigging Errors and Misunderstandings12:0045 min
Pablito PerazzoliMM2 Repack with OR Reserve1:00105 min
Charlie MarkinPacking a "Softie" Back Emergency Parachute System3:0045 min
Moderator: Betsy HoatesParachute Rigger Trivia4:0045 min

Ballroom 2: Rigging Room #2

Speaker NameSeminar NameTimeDuration
Louie PalomaresVector 3 Reserve Packing8:0045 min
Peter BanyPacking the Sigma 2 Tandem Reserve Canopy9:00105 min
Bruce StephensonSewing Machine Maintenance11:00105 min
Shlomo PearlMain Ram Air Canopy Reline1:00105 min
Marc NadeauThe Art of Untangling a Parachute3:0045 min