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2021 PIA Symposium

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Justin BeaurivageWearable AvionicsSkydiving Avionics for the FutureThis talk will present some aspects of the future of avionics in skydiving. It will focus on utilizing a user-centric approach to design safe, efficient and user-friendly electronic and software products for the skydiving market.
Ron BellUSPA2020 Fatality SummaryRecap of all fatalities that accrued in 2020.
Ian BoboFlight-1Evolution of Technology in Canopy Control TrainingHow the technology of training canopy control has changed through the years and where it's headed.
Melanie CurtisHow To Fly, IncInfluence and Impact through the Lens of Professional SkydivingMelanie Curtis will distill from her expansive experience as a sought-after skydiving coach around the world, from her years as an industry-wide event organizer, and from her experience working with businesses around the world on who to hire and why, what she asserts are the absolute best practices for becoming an impactful and sustainable leader, influencer and mentor.
Cheryl DeLucaDeLuca Consulting GroupSo you want to do Business with the Government?Providing a general overview of doing business with the US the Government and the nuances involved
TK DonleComplete Parachute SolutionsSpring Loaded Pilot Chute Hesitations Discussing spring-loaded pilot chute hesitation, reviewing the performance analysis and discussing the causes and solutions.
Robert FeldmanLaw Offices of Robert L. FeldmanLegal Issues and Risk Management in the Parachuting Industry - Protection of You and Your Business InterestsThe presentation will cover legal issues and ways for manufacturers, vendors, DZOs, pilots, instructors, photographers and other and others in the parachute industry to minimize the risk of being sued and actions that can be taken before and after a lawsuit is filed (or before a potential lawsuit arises) to increase the likelihood of winning a lawsuit. I will also speak about civil and FAA enforcement and civil penalty cases in which I have been involved over the past 43 years and the lessons that can be learned from them.
Kenneth GadjaUnited Parachute TechnologiesPacking the Sigma 2 Tandem ReservePractical packing seminar packing the new SR tandem reserve using the new TB tandem reserve freebag.
Alexander GorelikSmith Currie & Hancock LLPMitigating Tort Liability as a Government ContractorA 30-45 minute discussion of the government contractor defense and other ways of mitigating liability for torts as a government contractor.
Justin HodgeComplete Parachute SolutionsChoices in Oxygen Systems for ParachutingDiscussion of the different choices in oxygen equipment in parachuting the advantages of different systems.
Jeff JohnstonSun Path ProductsSun Path Technical and Rigging TalkA short discussion on The Skyhook MARD system and other items Sun Path produce.
James La BarrieBeyond MarketingStanding Out in a Competitive Digital WorldYour business and all of your competitors are all online - how does your business gain the competitive advantage? James La Barrie walks you through each step that will help your company win at the digital game.
Matt LeonardSuperior Flight SolutionsProper Progression with Modern WingsProper progression with modern wings. Learning the skills needed to keep you safe and confident under a wing. Geared towards our own progression and how to influence a culture of safety at our home dropzone.
Melissa LoweBeyond MarketingBecoming a USPA National Director: What I've LearnedSharing insights of what I've learned in terms of the work USPA does and some of the things I didn't know that have become clear since taking on the role.
Jim McCormickInternational Skydiving Museum and Hall of FameYour Museum … RevealedGet all the latest information on the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame project including location, design and schedule.
Tim McCordButler Parachute SystemsPacking the Butler High Altitude Emergency Parachute SystemTips and tricks to properly pack and maintain the Butler High Altitude Emergency Parachute System.
Dan MoleskyComplete Parachute SolutionsAncillary Products in ParachutingDiscussion will be around ancillary products in parachuting and military freefall, the advantages of the equipment.
Cat MollmanAirborne SystemsClassification and disposition of raw material and manufacturing defectsIn a perfect world, material would come from the suppliers exactly to the specification, and no damage would ever occur during the manufacturing process. Understanding the causes and effects of these defects allows for decisions to be made whether to repair, rebuild, or let them pass. Consideration is always given to safety, reliability, and aesthetics, but the right decision isn't always clear. This seminar talks about some of these defects and attempts to explain why they happen and how critical they really are.
Marc NadeauHigh Time SkydivingThe Art of Untangling a CanopyEasy technique to untangle a canopy for riggers and skydivers alike
Matt NevansPlanet TechnologiesAchieve CMMC Compliance in Microsoft's Government CloudIf you are an organization that sources your products to any DoD or IC entity, the world of compliance is beginning to change. DFARS 7012 states that these organizations must begin to comply with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Compliance (CMMC) by January 2024. While that may seem like a long way off, many acquisition leaders have stated that organizations who are not compliant before then may lose the ability to compete or execute on awards. This class session will discuss ways of obtaining compliance in Microsoft's Government Cloud (through technology), along with the additional pillars of people and process. Throughout this session, we’ll dive into some of the major decision points, common hurdles, and best practices for a successful transition to a compliant cloud platform.
Tom NoonanUPT Vector4 Points Of Connection: How tandem skydiving survived the Covid-19 pandemicAs the world shuttered social gathering for the better part of a year to combat Covid-19, how did the tandem skydiving industry manage to survive the pandemic and emerge on a 2021 industry trajectory stronger than ever? A look back at the social distancing challenges that we faced, and a look forward at the new world we now operate in today conducting tandem operations post pandemic.
Larry OxenhamAmerican Society for Asset ProtectionHow Parachute Manufacturers Can Become Invincible to Lawsuits & Save Thousands in Taxes Is your financial house in order? Discover the tools towing owners can use to become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and achieve financial peace of mind.
Tom ParkerSun Path ProductsJavelin Odyssey reserve packing, with the latest tips and tricks.Sun Path riggers will share with you all the tips and trick used to pack the javelin Odyssey range of containers, we encourage the group to ask questions and open up discussion on all aspects of the system. This year we are going to try something a little different. Matt Siegmann will be demonstrating the rigging techniques, and I will be explaining the reasons why we rig in this way and take questions from the audience.
Pablito PerazzoliComplete Parachute SolutionsPacking a Reserve ParachuteA demonstration will be given on packing a reserve parachute.
Patrick PollinTylaska Marine & AerospaceWill my 3-Ring function under extreme conditions?Discussion of the performance of the 3-ring release and ring components under extreme conditions.
Beau RiebePerformance DesignsPerformance Designs recommended main parachute packing techniquesBeau Riebe of Performance Designs will be demonstrating the manufacturer recommended method of packing a main parachute. Techniques, tips, theory, and myths will all be addressed in this seminar.
Ed ScottJumpers AwayA Case for Dedicated Jump Pilot TrainingAn approach to dedicated initial jump pilot training.
Josh SeagraveComplete Parachute SolutionsTest & Evaluation of Parachute Equipment at 35,000 feetDiscussion on the Testing & Evaluation of Parachute Equipment at 35,000 feet
Jay StokesCertifications UnlimitedSpecial Needs Tandem JumpingPresentation on Tandem jumps with wheelchair dependent and other challenged persons
Tim TylaskaTylaska Marine & AerospaceWill my 3-Ring function under extreme conditions?Discussion of the performance of the 3-ring release and ring components under extreme conditions.
Fred WilliamsComplete Parachute SolutionsMount Everest, Landing at 20,000+ feetFred will discuss his trek up Mount Everest and landing parachute equipment at over 20,000 feet and the effects it has on parachute equipment and the preparation needed to complete the jumps.
Greg WindmillerSuperior Flight SolutionsCanopy Collision AvoidanceHow to avoid and teach collision avoidance
Matt ZwickerAirborne SystemsParachute Structural Joint DesignDesign, testing and evaluation of structural joints in parachute systems, including insights from skydiving, cargo, and spacecraft applications.
Matt ZwickerAirborne SystemsParachute Factors of SafetyMethods of structural validation and risk reduction for parachute systems, including quantifying loads, evaluation of materials and joints against loads, and determining margin of safety.

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