September 8, 2001

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PIA Standard Operating Procedure 322

Award Nomination Form

PIA and Other Parachute/Skydiving Awards

Drafted 04 Feb 01
Revised 04 Aug 01
by Dan Poynter
Adopted 08 Sep 01, Niagara Falls, Ontario.



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The Parachute Industry Association 
3833 West Oakton Street 
Skokie, IL  60076 
telephone: 847-674-9742 
fax: 847-674-9743 


Awarded by: 
Past Recipients:
Submission procedures:
Deadline date:

Award Nomination Submission Form 
Suggested by:
One to three sentence description of nominee’s actions (your synopsis may be inscribed on the award). 
One paragraph description of the nominee and the nominee’s actions to incorporate as many qualifications in the award description as possible. Show why this person or team fits this particular award. Attach supporting documents such as resumes, newspaper clippings, testimonials, etc. Provide the committee with enough information to properly evaluate your submission.  

Complete contact information of nominee, if living, and of descendents if this is to be a posthumous award.

 Your contact information.

Submit this form with attachments to Awards Committee, PIA Headquarters, 3833 West Oakton Avenue, Skokie, IL 60076 USA Fax: 847-674-9742;

Note: for the names of current Awards Committee members, see




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