Our Reunions

The Pioneers of Sport Parachuting tries to have a reunion once each year, varying locations to meet the travel needs of potential attendes from around the country.

The next reunion will be in Raeford, NC in May, 2009.

You can find out more by going to the Skydiving Reunions web site or by sending us a mail message from this site.

Who are these “Pioneers” anyway?

We are skydivers who started jumping out of airplanes a long time ago, some of us in the 1950s, many more in the 1960s. Among our numbers are National and World skydiving champions, the earliest members of the Army's Golden Knights, people who developed parachute equipment innovations that played important roles in the development of our sport, creators of training programs that are still influential today, early record holders – and a lot of people who just like jumping out of airplanes. Some of us still jump.

Our Reunions

Our principal activity as a group is to hold reunions, where we can see old friends and meet new ones. If that seems like something you'd like to do, you're welcome to push the Contact button above, and send us a message asking to be put on our email list. If you'd just like to send a message to others who visit this site, pressing the Guestbook button will give you access to an online message book. If you want to see pictures of our past reunions, click on the Photo Gallery button. And finally, we're eagerly awaiting the construction of the National Skydiving Museum; click on the Museum button to learn more about it.

Our most recent reunion was held in Salt Lake City in June, 2008. We gathered at Skydive Utah, where some of our members jumped and many more watched. Here's one picture; find the rest by clicking on Reunions/2008 and selecting 2008 Photos.